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Book: BioBazaar

Hope, J. 2008. BioBazaar: The Open Source Revolution and Biotechnology.

Cambridge, MA.: Harvard University Press.

A systematic exploration of open source in biotech and related fields


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Medalist, Science Category

Independent Publisher

Book Awards, 2008

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[An] indispensable tool for those envisaging a paradigm shift in biotechnology” - Maria-Jose Iglesias, International Journal of the Commons

[T]he author makes clear, compelling arguments about current problems and potential alternatives, without avoiding the difficult questions. - Catherine Rhodes, BioScience

Can an open-source-style economy in life sciences change the landscape of innovation, and for the better? Hope provides a much-needed, reasoned guide to thinking through that critical question. - Steven Weber, author of The Success of Open Source

[A] rigorous, closely reasoned book. - Publishers Weekly

Biobazaar is the first book dedicated to studying current efforts at open biological innovation. It is a well-researched and thoughtful analysis of the great potential that such innovation holds for improving the ways we address some of our most basic human needs. - Yochai Benkler, author of The Wealth of Networks

[The] first in-depth book on this topic... recommended. - Joshua Lambert, Library Journal

Hope conducts an intriguing investigation into the feasibility of adapting the paradigm of the open source revolution - which has so successfully powered the software industry and made the Internet a global force - to biotechnology. ...

Cued to the human factor, she handles complex and abstract material with authority and clarity. - Donna Seaman, Booklist

Are we on the verge of an open source revolution? If not a revolution, surely a growing rebellion. Hope gives us food for thought on the possibilities.

- James Love, New Scientist

Janet Hope, Australian National University, 2009-