Open Source Biotechnology



Dr Janet Hope is a pioneer of efforts to translate the open source model from software to biotech, a key agenda item for scholars working to develop new models of intellectual property management in biotechnology and related fields.

Since publishing the first substantial treatise on this topic in early 2003, she has presented invited talks at conferences and workshops in Europe, the US, Australia, Canada, China and Japan and has contributed to emerging open source biotech initiatives in Australia, the US and Brazil. 

Dr Hope’s scholarly work on open source biotech has been cited in a wide variety of publication types: from academic books and refereed journals in several disciplines, through reports of international think tanks, foundations and intergovernmental organisations such as the OECD, to international specialist and generalist periodicals including The Economist.

A qualified biochemist and molecular biologist and former practising attorney, she is currently employed as a Research Fellow at the Regulatory Institutions Network, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University


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Janet Hope, Australian National University, 2009-